Batter by Glo Extracts Product Review


Glo Extracts has done it again and has come out with a new product line that is already catching customers’ attention and new customers are ordering like crazy.  Batter is a product that all cannabis companies should be selling at this point as it is a very underrated part of the cannabis business.  Glo Extracts has turned their well-liked strains into the Batter that anyone can use and weave into their dishes.  With a great taste combined with a great high, Glo Extracts has really hit their stride with their new Batter.  Not only that but Glo has also done a great job by promoting verification methods for the safety of their products and the cannabis community.  


The packaging from Glo Extracts is something that Glo has always gotten excellent reviews on.  When it comes to Glo’s Batter, there is no difference.  The packaging that the Batter comes in is absolutely excellent in all of its features.  Most notably, the best thing on the packaging is the GloTrack QR code.  The GloTrack QR code, when scanned, takes you to the lab results section of the website where you can see everything that is being put in your Batter.  You can also see different effects of each product due to Glo Extracts mood boards.  This can guide you in what products you are interested in and can ask questions about. Glo Product Review

Glo Extracts

Glo Extracts is leading the way in the cannabis community not only with their wide range of excellent products but also the safety initiatives that they have put in place.  By creating a safe environment and purchasing process, people are becoming more educated and everyone is becoming more conscious about what they purchase.    

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