Strawberry Shortcake by Glo Extracts Product Review

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The Strawberry Shortcake cartridge from Glo Extracts is Glo’s new product that everyone is looking to get their hands on.  The hype is real with the brand new Strawberry Shortcake as Glo is hitting the mark once again.  

The packaging combined with the high you get and the taste from this cartridge is a perfect combination and it’s becoming a go-to for many.  Strawberry Shortcake is a strain that is often regarded as a party strain because people can’t wait to get their hands on it.  

The Packaging

First impressions are important with any product, especially with cannabis products.  For cannabis products, you always want to make sure that the packaging is dense.  Glo Extracts’ packaging is dense and firm and has quite a cool design.  

Not only is the packaging high quality, but it also has a QR code that takes you to the website.  This is called the Glotrack verification method.  The QR code verification process is a great initiative that Glo Extracts is taking to help keep the cannabis community safe.  Another part of the verification process is made in the USA sticker which helps identify that the product is a Glo Extracts product.   


The strain of strawberry shortcake is one that seems familiar, but at the same time is all so different than anything else out there.  The fruitness of the strain is the recognizable part, but the way that it just sits is something that people are generally not familiar with.  This strain is one that will just make people’s mouths water for more and have them coming back to use this cartridge from Glo Extracts

Glo Extracts

Glo Extracts has been doing vast amounts of work in the cannabis industry by developing the Glotrack verification process and being transparent with the lab results of their cartridges.  Glo Extracts leads the way in safety, transparency, and quality products.  

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